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Dubai is one of the top places to invest in real estate. The city is known for its futuristic infrastructure, strong economy, diverse culture, innovative vision, and high living standards. There are several multinational companies with headquarters in Dubai, serving markets around the globe. Real estate investment in Dubai is quite profitable with high ROI rates. As compared to other European capitals, Dubai's annual rental yield can range from 6% to 12%.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has affected Dubai's real estate market, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) has officially permitted online transactions for real estate purchases and sales. All foreign investors can now complete all necessary transactions and procedures remotely, without having a physical presence in Dubai.

However, the online process is quite similar to buying real estate in person. The only difference is that this way, you will be more dependent on your real estate agent. Whether it's finding the right property, handling the paperwork, or attending the closing, your real estate agent should be the one to rely on. That's why it's so crucial to find a good match. Budget is the next major criterion to have in mind before starting the search process. In addition to the deposit, there are transfer fees, sales progression fees, mortgage arrangement fees, mortgage insurance fees, and agency fees to consider.

After deciding on the budget, start to make a list of your preferred property features- the location, property type, number of bedrooms, the community’s facilities, distance to public transport, schools, hospitals, etc. In this phase, you need to be flexible and ready to compromise. The chances of finding a property that checks all the boxes on your wish list are very slim. It is always advised to stick to the factors of a higher standard- such as size, property type, location, and features- and leave the minor details to your real estate agent. If there are any features you cannot live without, let your agent know early on so they don't waste time looking in the wrong places.

We recommend you have your agent walk you through the entire sale process in Dubai from beginning to end, including how to submit an offer, how to negotiate, the essential documents, the NOC, the transfer appointments, and the handover. Due to the fact that you are about to spend the most money you have ever spent, you should do all the due diligence you can and ask every question that concerns you. You should be able to address all your concerns with your real estate agent.

Once you have found your desired property, you need to finalize the offer considering your agent’s advice. Your agent will immediately start the negotiation with the seller; this is the most crucial and nerve-wracking step. A well-rounded agent with effective negotiating skills will have it under control and update you with every progress.

An Agreement of Sale is the first stage in the formation of a contract. Essentially, it outlines the terms and conditions of a sale, along with the requirements and responsibilities of each party. Before moving on to the transfer stage of the sale, your agent will go over this with you to ensure you are comfortable moving forward. Your agent will then provide you with other necessary documents to sign.

Upon receiving the documents, the trustee registers the transaction and uploads it to the Dubai Land Department's (DLD) online system. The DLD then conducts a video conference with both parties to confirm their identities and signatures on the contract. Shortly after, a payment link to the DLD's escrow account (IBAN) will be provided to you to make payments for the down payment, government fees, realtor, and trustee services. The buyer will receive a copy of the contract and a new document confirming their ownership (Title Deed) once all payments have been transferred into the account.


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