Dubai has the largest population of all UAE cities and is located on the UAE’s northern coast. Full of bright lights and exciting architectural developments, It is a global city with a dominant business orientation. Hotels, resorts, malls, and man-made islands are all key attractions of the city, which rates as one of the best in the region to live in.

The city is famous for its shopping malls, gold souks, and top couture fashion boutiques, and so, has established itself as a shopping destination. In addition to its strong services sector, Dubai has built state-of-the-art facilities and tourism infrastructure. Moreover, with an increasing number of tourists, the government of Dubai is prioritizing the development of sectors and industries associated with tourism.

Furthermore, Dubai is a fantastic fishing and sailing destination with abundant sunshine and a wealth of marine life. The desert city also provides tourists with memorable excursions from camel riding, sand skiing, dune driving, to visits to selected oases and forts.

Downtown Dubai

Of the multifarious attractions of Dubai, the most notable is the Burj Khalifa, an 830m tall tower, dominating the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. Each colorful, illuminated jet sways in time to music, producing what has become the most popular show in Dubai. The beam of light shining upward from the fountain can be seen from more than 30km away. After your visit, right next door is Dubai Mall – which is retail heaven, boasting 1,200 shops as well as an Aquarium, children’s theme parks, and the Dubai Ice rink.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the emirate’s most iconic landmarks, a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree, brimming with stunning beachfront villas, best-in-class dining establishments, marinas, water parks, and shopping facilities. The Palm’s most famous landmark is the colossal Atlantis, The Palm. With its water park, private beach, and Dolphin Bay, you can enjoy the view from the sea in a yacht or hop aboard the Palm Monorail.

Dubai Marina

One of the best-established modern districts in town, it is built around the largest manmade marina in the world and contains a number of top restaurants as well as outdoor recreation and entertainment complexes. The towers and residences are some of the world’s tallest apartment buildings. You’ll find many delightful diversions in this waterfront development, from the restaurants, boutiques and markets located along the seven-kilometer-long Dubai Marina Walk. You can experience the Dubai Tram which connects the Dubai Metro and all major points of the Dubai Marina.


As Dubai’s premier beach area, Jumeirah is home to many of the city’s top luxury hotels and resorts, such as the Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah, as well as many restaurants, malls and boutiques that attract locals, expats and visitors alike. There’s even a waterway that will transport you by abra along the canals, where you have superlative views over the Burj al Arab, one of the most iconic symbols of modern Dubai. Take in the perfumed scents, the glowing lanterns, the fragrant spices and the artisanal souvenirs - you’re sure to find the perfect items to take home with you.

Desert Safari

The desert presents a unique opportunity to explore a natural habitat and a fragile ecosystem. You can’t visit Dubai and not go to the desert. Leave Dubai’s skyscrapers for the empty desert, where you can enjoy a host of activities, including a dune bash, camel ride, sand boarding, henna art, and more. Finish with a tasty barbecue dinner under the stars, along with fire dancing.


After a day of shopping for labels at the malls, you can indulge in Dubai’s eclectic dining scene. Take a seat at restaurants by celebrity chefs, or experience the city’s growing food truck following. Dine by the sea, on a rooftop terrace or try a local restaurant. Dubai has much to offer in terms of late-night entertainment and the emirate regularly hosts some of the most popular club nights and DJs from around the globe.

Highlights of Dubai Wonderland

  • Apart from the awe-inspiring mega structures, Dubai is also known for its well-preserved historical sites. Join a guided walking tour to learn more about the local culture of Dubai.
  • An exciting labyrinth of theme parks, superb dining, luxury and relaxation, Dubai Parks and Resorts is the ultimate destination for fun and entertainment.
  • sailing, Diving, jet-skiing; when it comes to marine thrills Dubai has it all. With more than 50km of coastline, water sports abound in Dubai.
  • For another luxurious alternative, you can sail aboard a yacht charter and enjoy the magnificent views of Dubai’s futuristic skyscrapers.