About Us

Luxury playgrounds for super wealthy

Working in the real estate industry for many years, our founders have an excellent track record of selling and renting properties across primary locations in the UAE. Their commitment and unparalleled relationship with clients have resulted in successfully expanding the network of loyal clients. With expertise in real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and modern technology, our founders have the tools to clear your path toward success. Our aim is to be effective, providing market data and timely information based on personal contact with our clients. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and comprehensive property management services.

But while we may not be new to the neighbourhood anymore, we still want to have that fresh-faced feel about ourselves. After all, we’re always young at heart. Now as Crypto & Properties we are no longer just a real estate company, we are a digital company of the future, providing the tools our clients need to live their brightest life. By bringing together our world through a new brand we can leverage our vast infrastructure across multiple services. This allows us to build trust and deepen client relationships. At Crypto & Properties, we’re focused on using a technology that’s smart, modern, and human, empowering you to get the most out of your investment.

Over 11 years of experience in the real estate industry have enabled us to become experts in buying, selling, renting and supporting communities. As market leaders, we understand the significance of cryptocurrencies in the real estate industry and have started accepting major cryptocurrencies within our payment platforms.

Our founders are involved in this modern technology since 2015 and are ready to share their invaluable and vast knowledge with the clients. In so many ways, a transaction using popular cryptocurrencies is similar to a cash transaction.

While accepting major cryptocurrencies continues to grow, however, real estate transactions using cryptocurrencies are still rare and few companies have the knowledge and expertise of transactions with cryptocurrency. The parties need a realtor who has a comprehensive understanding of how cryptocurrency transactions work and can effectively analyse instructions related to payment. And that’s exactly where you can count on us.

Working with Crypto & Properties is among the easiest ways to purchase a residence in the UAE using cryptocurrency. We accept cryptocurrency for buying all the listings on our website. Our professional team will help clients facilitate a smooth and stress-free transaction with cryptocurrency. Even if you are new to cryptocurrency, our team of agents will help you to understand the transaction process at every step. Additionally, we continue to buy and sell properties in fiat currency.

By providing cryptocurrency transaction services, we will enable you to enjoy the advantage of fewer paperwork headaches and more focus on finding your dream home. Through our deep understanding of the region and familiarity with major developers, we are dedicated to matching you with the property that is right for you.

How do we define ourselves?

Customer commitment

Our Vision

Where we are headed?

Our vision is to be recognized as Dubai’s most trusted and established real estate brokerage brand.

Our Mission

What do we stand for?

We are Dubai’s leading real estate experts with a multitude of experience, providing exceptional customer service and comprehensive property management services.

In addition to buying, selling and renting, we assist our clients with:

Bank Account Opening
Company Formation
Investor Visa
Cryptocurrency Transactions
Private Jet Chartering along with Private Chauffer
Online Viewings
Online Property Purchase
Property Management
Interior Design & Upgrades